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AI detects and hides hate comments with 95% certainty.


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In Refresher, as well as in other media, we have long been dealing with the problem of increasing toxicity, conspiracies and misinformation or various attacks in the digital space. That’s why I’m glad that is helping us with moderating comments on social media, so we can focus on journalistic work and collaborations with clients.

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Refresher CZ

Especially during the elections, we see a significant amount of comments under our posts, and unfortunately it is not always possible to moderate all the vulgar and inappropriate reactions. As a project that focuses on factual information, we have partnered with to create an environment based on factual discussion and mutual respect, even in our discussions.

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Petr Gongala
Senior Project Coordinator,

Disinformation and hate speech online are among the main topics we have been dealing with at DigiQ for a long time. We are extremely pleased that has managed to find an effective way to moderate comments on social media. We believe that through our cooperation we will be able to contribute even more to the cultivation of online discussions.

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Simona Šintalová
Project Manager, DigiQ

Since we started working with, we have significantly reduced toxic and hateful comments on our platforms. Our followers have noticed this change for the better and appreciate the more welcoming environment for discussion. It is extremely important to have a partner like in the fight against online hate.

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Lucia Remiarová
Online content manager

Given our shared goals of understanding the spread of misinformation, I reached out to Elves to see if they would be interested in a research collaboration. We are now working together on a project that will identify not only the prevalence and content of misinformation on Slovak Facebook, but also the type of content that causes misinformation in the first place. As a researcher, I am excited to work on this project with such a great team!

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Roman Hlatký
Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

The Department of Journalism of the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University is the oldest university-level journalism school in Slovakia. In its mission to educate future journalists and media workers, one of the priorities of the department is to be mindful of the principles of democracy and to always stand on the side of truth. The current information crisis brings with it many challenges for journalists and the education system, which is why it is necessary to join forces with real experts. The cooperation with opens up a unique space for incorporating innovative technologies into academic research and education. The common goal is to participate in research on communication in the specific conditions of the online space, but also to cultivate it and combat misinformation and hate speech.

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Comenius University

Working with allows us to better protect our followers and clients from harmful content, vulgarisms and misleading information. We see it as our social responsibility to create access to facts for policyholders and the general public, as well as a safe space for discussion.

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Katarína Ferenczová
Marketing and New Media Manager, General Health Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa

For the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia, communication with Slovak citizens – whether in virtual or real contact – is key. It is important for us to discuss with people the topics that interest them, to answer their questions, or to provide them with the latest opinions on hot topics that move our society. We also try to keep in touch with people who do not share the same views, we are open to polite discussion, but we do not want to give space on our social networks to comments containing vulgarities, insults, hoaxes, dangerous misinformation and other illegal content. For this reason, we are very happy to partner with Elv.Ai, making the discussions under our posts a safe space for open exchange of opinions and sharing of facts for all those interested in a real discussion. With the help of Slovak elves and their latest AI technology, we will continue to create a space for constructive dialogue and develop a respectable debate on our social networks about the European Union and its priorities.

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EC Representation

We established cooperation with the project in the aftermath of the war conflict in Ukraine, when social networks were literally overwhelmed with false information, hoaxes and trolls. We care about the content of the discussions under our posts, and the elves help us daily in the fight against misinformation and hatred. Their contribution is invaluable to our work in community management. We appreciate their unique and individual approach, seamless regular communication, and use of artificial intelligence to effectively monitor and filter dangerous content. In the future, we plan to continue our collaboration and expand it to new platforms.

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Elena Kvitkovičová
Head of social media, TV Markíza

Human moderators would have to work approximately two thousand hours a month to manage to check all the comments that the Prima group has on its social networks every month. Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary solution in this area. Thanks to, we have got rid of toxic content while not limiting interactions and reach on social media.

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Tomáš Večeřa
Director of Online News and Deputy Director of News and Journalism, CNN Prima NEWS

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