Fact-checking portal kicks off promising collaboration for a safer online space

Prague, January 25, 2024 – Demagog.cz, a leading fact-checking portal, announces a strategic partnership with elv.ai, an innovative technology startup. The aim of the partnership is to strengthen the content moderation of online discussions on social networks and to create a safer environment for public dialogue.

Demagog.cz, a project known for its efforts to expose disinformation and verify facts, has joined forces with the startup elv.ai. The aim of the joint effort is to combat the spread of false information and promote healthier discussions on social media. The collaboration with elv.ai will bring Demagog new tools and technological know-how that will allow for more efficient and faster moderation of content in the online space. The project expects that this initiative will contribute to improving the quality and safety of online discussions and promote transparency in public dialogue. Moderation of comments will take place on Demagog.cz’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.

“Especially during elections, a significant number of comments appear under our posts and unfortunately it is not always possible to moderate all vulgar and inappropriate reactions. As a project that focuses on factual information, we have established cooperation with elv.ai to create an environment based on factual discussion and mutual respect,” says Petr Gongala, Demagog.cz’s lead project coordinator.

“Our partnership with Demagog.cz is a step towards creating a stronger and safer online environment. By combining our technology solutions with Demagog’s expertise in fact-checking, we will be able to more effectively identify and curb the spread of misinformation. We believe that by working together we can create a space for a healthy and transparent public dialogue,” added Jakub Šuster, CEO of elv.ai.

About Demagog.cz:
Demagog.cz is a unique Czech project focused on verifying statements. Since May 2020, it has also been part of an independent network of fact-checking partners cooperating with Meta. It actively verifies the factual truthfulness of content shared on Facebook and Instagram and thus combats fake news in the online environment.