Slovak tech startup has a new CTO. AI expert comes from the digital studio GoodRequest

June 10, 2024

Innovative Slovak startup, focused on combating disinformation and hate speech in online discussions, has started a collaboration with the digital studio GoodRequest. As part of the partnership, it has also hired a new CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Miroslava Filčáková. In addition to her work at GoodRequest as a backend developer and AI ambassador, she will now also take responsibility for the startup’s technology. The support doesn’t come without a reason – plans to streamline its software solution and so improve the quality of its services in the near future.

“We are very excited about the new partnership, as the startup is doing really well. Miroslava is full of ideas and solutions, she approaches her work in a responsible and professional way. With a CTO who cares about the functionality and adaptability of the program, we will be able to meet the needs of each client much better,” says Jakub Šuster, CEO of, about the new addition.

The cooperation between and GoodRequest is not a fresh affair. Both parties were already satisfied with the joint process and the results of their joint efforts when developing the first AI-powered software in 2023. Today, the fast-growing startup needs strength directly in its team to adapt to the more complex requirements of its growing clientele. Filčáková is not leaving the studio, however. She plans to continue participating in GoodRequest projects from the position of a backend developer, but already with responsibilities within

The new CTO Miroslava Filčáková commented on the cooperation with “I really appreciate the opportunity and the trust I have been given. I fell in love with the project and the people involved the first time I met them, as I believe it is important to actively strive for a positive social impact, and is doing a great job with that. When the company approached me about working with them, I immediately saw a future in it. I know it will help both of our companies move forward.”

Miroslava Filčáková started working as a full-stack developer while still in school. After a year, she switched to hybrid mobile app development. Then she found that working with UX didn’t suit her and focused exclusively on backend development. She has been at GoodRequest for three years now. From working as a backend developer, she gradually got into project analysis and tech-leading, which she is still doing today. In addition, as an AI ambassador, she is dedicated to popularizing the topic of artificial intelligence. This makes her an ideal candidate for the position of CTO for a startup like, which is based on AI technology.

“Creating sustainable digital products is not just a job for us at GoodRequest, but a mission. We’re excited to collaborate on projects with real impact. Miroslava has taken on the project with commitment and as one of our most skilled developers, they can mutually move forward with the project,” said Tomas Lodňan, CEO of GoodRequest.

About GoodRequest

GoodRequest is a digital studio composed of a team of experts in mobile and web app development, user experience design, product management, testing and security who have delivered over two hundred successful projects since 2013. The startup has grown into a strong technology company working with globally recognized brands such as Tatra banka, Notino, KIA, BENU, Fitshaker and others.

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